Resource Fees

Please contact the TMII Director ( when planning the budget for a new study or with any questions.  

User fees are calculated to cover the operating and maintenance costs of the instruments and related Core expenses. These rates are determined and periodically reviewed by the Dean’s Office and adjusted to reflect the actual costs.  User fees include technical support for operation of imaging equipment.

For Internal Mount Sinai users, resource usage time is compiled from the web-based scheduling system and charged directly to your account on a monthly basis.   Any questions on the charges should be addressed to the TMII Director.


Resource Federal/Non-Profit Sponsored Grants &Contract Rates^
Large Bore Systems
3T MRI Skyra $720.66/hr    + $360.33* per additional 30 mins (min 1hr)
7T MRI $720.66/hr    + $360.33* per additional 30 mins (min 1hr)
3T mMR MRI Only Time $720.66/hr    + 360.33* per additional 30 mins (min 1hr)
3T mMR (MRI & PET) $1,113.29/hr  + $360.33* per additional 30 mins (includes FDG dose)
PET/CT $1,113.29/hr  + $360.33* per additional 30 mins (includes FDG dose)
MR Gd Contrast $50
CT $450 - base procedure + $112.50 /additional procedure; $100 additional for Iodine contrast
X-ray $90
X-ray Skeletal Survey $200
US $200
* Effective July 1st, 2015 
Small Bore Systems
Biophotonic $100/hr    (min 1hr)
Biophotonic Analysis Station $50/hr
MicroUltrasound $100/hr (min 1hr)
MicroUltrasound Analysis Station $50/hr
MicroMRI 7T and 9.4T
In-vivo Studies
Prime time - Weekdays 8am-5pm $200/hr (min 1hr)
Off time- Weekdays 5pm-8am & Weekend 8am-8am $100/hr (min 1hr)
Ex-vivo Studies
Weekdays between 8am-5pm $200/hr
Off time Period- Weekdays 5pm-8am & Weekend 8am-8am $400/Period
Neurotesting room $20/hr

^Industry sponsored grant/contract rates are to be inquired directly with the TMII Director.

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